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In all three events that I went to, none started on time (at least an hour after the advertised time).I suppose this was due to participants not being punctual.The second and third time I went were in December 2012, these were for 'Indian professionals' and 'practising professionals' respectively.In all the events I attended, the structure was the same throughout.Once they set the topic 'Mention your favourite music and if you don't listen to music, explain why?' which I found odd seeing as the event is called 'Muslim Marriage events'.Participants come in, register, hand their profiles in, get a badge with a number, and then take a seat on either side of the room (one side for females and the other for males).Snacks (tea, biscuits and water) are available on a table near the back of the room.

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The organisers could improve things in certain areas.A lot of the people that turn up aren't really serious and just looking for a laugh i.e. Salaam, I know a few people who have been to these events and the general consensus is they are a waste of time.A lot of the people that turn up aren't really serious and just looking for a laugh i.e. Asalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Baraktuh I wanted to ask (if you have attended one) what's your experience of Muslim Marriage Events?The organisers then set a topic for all of the circles to discuss amongst each other (if you went to school in the UK, its kind of like 'circle time' lol). Before the discussions begin, every participant is given a pen and paper to note the number from the badge of anyone they find interesting.So one by one, everyone in the circles speaks on the mentioned topic. Once all group discussions are over, male profiles are posted on one side of the room and female profiles on the other.