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Malaysians are more open to going on a second date.

Even if sparks didn’t fly the first time, they’ll say ‘oh, why not’ when asked again.

Hopefully from these dates, you would meet ‘The One.”“That’s a very optimistic scenario,” she continued.

“But the problem is, most singles don’t meet 10 people of the opposite gender in a month, or even worse, a year.

On the other hand, Singaporeans and people from Hong Kong are very quick to judge and would rather move on if it didn’t go well.

It’s not just that they’re selfish, but they don’t want to waste the other person’s time.

Some people find a partner after going on just three or four dates with us. Okay, even if you’re not the one asking him out on a date, you can give an invitation for him to ask you out. We’d met way before but at the time I was dating someone else.

We met again at this Singaporean event on campus and exchanged ICQ. I just said, ‘I have not had lunch yet.’ I didn’t say ‘DO YOU WANT TO GO FOR LUNCH WITH ME?

But I did notice a small difference between singles from Singapore and Malaysia.So what are the chances that they’ll actually meet ‘The One? In her years of bringing people together, Violet has gleaned plenty of wisdom about finding a life partner.And yet, the dating scene still continues to surprise her.Lucky for us, Violet was more than happy to discuss what singles in Singapore are doing wrong, and how they can change their situation.What makes the dating scene in Singapore different than in other places?