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The marriage for the most part of the first 10 years were normal, we had to children that I love dearly.Then it all came back, the feelings the memories and I slipped back into my dark little world of depression.I say this because now I live with the guilt of marrying a women and taking a good part of her life to end up with so many bad feelings towards me and it’s not fair for her.I will say that I am at peace with myself and truely happy, I have finally escaped my DARK WORLD.I have added this page on gay family stories because when I first found out my sons were gay I felt alone and needed to talk to other parents in the same situation.Sometimes when you just find out that a loved one is gay, you aren’t ready to speak to someone straight away.

I was eleven years old at the time and when I saw a neighborhood boy, that became my best friend after moving in, I new that day that I had feelings towards the same sex.

My parents blame me losing my job on the fact that I’m a “reckless dyke”.

Despite the fact I’m no different than any other 21 year old. She was my best friend and she is a lesbian and I had been attracted to her, so I thought why not? On my 20th birthday I met this girl in Boston, I fell in love with her.

It was perfectly clear to me then that I was gay I really didn’t know why, but I felt the way my older brothers felt when they talked about girls or when my sister talked about boys.

Time passed and I became frantically aware of myself looking at boys and feeling it was wrong created my own world to hide myself from everyone.