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The Mesolithic industry has dates of 6000-1000 CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: A flake removed during the thinning or resharpening of bifaces.

These flakes are relatively flat, have broad, shallow flake scars (produced by the detachment of previous thinning flakes from the dorsal face), and tend to exhibit a feathering out of lateral margins.

The site has more than 30 huge platform mounds with an estimated 750,000 burials -- most of them looted by treasure hunters who have taken immense quantities of gold, silver, copper, and bronze objects.

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The proximal end of the flake often retains the edge of the biface and, if the platform is retained, it often exhibits a low angle and evidence of crushing or grinding (i.e., platform preparation).

that is located in the Indus Valley south of Mohenjo-Daro in modern Pakistan.

There are some crude ceramics in the later stages and represent intrusive cultures and the passing of Alaka.

CATEGORY: site DEFINITION: A large architectural complexes of South America located in the Lambayeque valley of north coastal Peru.