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When you connect an i Phone to a new computer, i Tunes will ask you to click on "Continue" to allow the computer to access information on the i Phone.Once done, a prompt on your i Phone will ask you to either "Trust" or "Don't Trust" the computer.It will automatically kick in when it senses that you're driving or when you're connected to your car's Bluetooth.You can even toggle it on or off via the new Control Center icon.

Whether intentional or not, when you initiate Emergency SOS, i OS 11 automatically disables your Touch ID, and the only way you can get it back up again is to input your passcode.

You could always zoom out before, but when a new turn came up, you'd get kicked back into step-by-step mode. Apple has included a "Flyover" feature in Maps ever since i OS 6, and a "City Tours" feature since i OS 8.

But now, in i OS 11, you get the best of both worlds in virtual reality.

When enabled, you'll still get the notification, only the body of it will simply say "Notification" and that's it.

Another cool change to the notifications system is that you can block individual apps from showing up in the "Recent Notifications" that appear on the Cover Sheet from a locked or unlocked state.