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The trial lasted two years and the ruling can be appealed.Oric was detained in Switzerland in June 2015 after an arrest warrant was issued by Serbia, which accused him of the crimes dating back to 1992, three years before Serb troops led by Ratko Mladic breached Srebrenica and massacred over 8,000 Bosniak Muslims, mostly civilians.

Belgrade would not renounce its accusation against Oric, she said, adding, however, that it would continue to pursue reconciliation and good relations in the Balkans.Since the end of the war, Croatian Catholics and Bosnian Muslims have lived separate lives, sending their children to separate schools, attending separate hospitals, bars and sports centres.The youth of today was born after the war, but with the combination of what is aired on television and nationalist posters pasted on every street corner, it is difficult to forget the divide.The 1992 Bosnian war explains this phenomenon: while nearly all Orthodox people escaped the region to join the Serbian zones, Bosnian Muslims and Croatian Catholics clashed violently on either side of the frontline that divided the town.With the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreements in 1995, the Catholic and Muslim populations migrated from one area of the town to another and the famous point connecting the East with the West was nothing more than a debris of bricks brought in by the current.