Meta dll finished updating

Oddly, if your authentication fails or is cancelled for any private feed, you cannot restore packages from any feed (authenticated or not) until you resolve the credential issue.

And sometimes that involves closing and re-opening Visual Studio. NB: In case anyone wants to see what I changed in my test solution for hosted builds, it is available at on Github.

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For example, the package for folder and reference them by making your own private package, or whatever other way suits your solution best.

I’ve been asking pretty much every Sitecore employee I’ve spoken to about doing this for years now, and finally it’s here.

So now I’ve read the release notes and finished a quick chair dance of joy, it’s time to dive in and see what it’s all about…

This gives you a lot of flexibility about exactly what you want to reference, but it can make the initial list a bit intimidating. This package doesn’t contain any DLLs itself (hence the “metapackage” description) – it just has dependencies on a series of other feature packages.

The exact list will vary depending on the features available in a particular release, but for the latest version of v8.1 I’m currently using it is: Each of those feature packages then contains further dependencies and references.