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The Web-based chats allow direct interactions between readers and journalists, and it allows these interactions to serve as a spectacle for other readers.

The chat rooms also play on the belief that journalists have more to say about the topics of their stories than what is presented in the articles themselves.

Readers who believe there is more to the story may also go beyond the story itself to ask questions about or to criticize the news-gathering process.

An examination of specific interactions in Live Online chat rooms suggests that such interactions among journalists, readers (and occasionally, sources) can provide an important way for all parties to learn about one-anothers' views.

Thus newspaper articles largely replay those interactions, though with the intent of "producing a spectacle for the observation of readers and viewers." The reader is not addressed directly, then, but is imagined as the spectator on the sidelines for whom the game of the article is played out.

Readers, for their part, often engage in social interactions with other readers as they scan newspaper articles.

"They are actively created, sustained, negotiated, resisted, and transformed moment by moment through ongoing work." My analysis pays special attention to how the journalist, reader, and source are positioned in the mediated interactions of both a story and a Live Online chat event.

The following analysis of one newspaper's on-line chat events is provided as a way for academic publishers to think about how such a feature could enliven scholarly publishing.

This framework merges a number of diverse analytical approaches.

An important aspect of the mediated-discourse approach is its focus on discreet moments of action rather than broader classes of interactions.

This arrangement can alter the relationships between the journalists who write the stories and the readers who peruse them — at least during the chat event.

On-line newspaper chat events like Live Online recognize the complicated manner in which The News is created and consumed.