Liquidating of jewish ghettos

Operation Reinhard, the Nazi programme to murder all the Jews in central Poland, had made startling progress towards its goal in 1942. Final selections were being made, with those considered fit to work sent to labour camps and the remainder either sent by train to the killing centres of Sobibor, Treblinka and Belzec – or simply shot in the ghettoes themselves.

Each Jew who doesn't belong to the above-mentioned persons and who will be discovered in Warsaw after the resettlement action will be shot.Jews being marched out of the Krakow ghetto in March 1943.On 13th-14th March around 8,000 people, the last survivors of the pre war Jewish population of around 90,000 people in Krakow, were sent to the Plaszow concentration camp.These raids were carried out according to prepared lists.The persons on the lists were seized in their homes, taken out and shot at a nearby location.