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IN TEN MINUTES WE WILL HAVE BOTH HAD THREE ORGASMS, GOTTEN INTO A HUGE FIGHT, AND THEN MADE UP BECAUSE WE REALIZED WE WERE JUST HUNGRY. They don’t really discover anything about the mysterious conveyor belt before Joan comes sweeping in like Darth Vader to see what they’re up to.

So even though Franky knows Bridget is already suspicious of her and Joan is worse at keeping secrets than Donald Trump, this is how they choose to handle the situation.

Channing goes to Nurse Rachet for his poor injured hand, and his skeeviness manages to creep even her out. While he’s in there, Allie walks by and happens to recognize him from her days as a sex worker. But I’m just torturing you and me and a lot of other people by staying here, and that’s not right.” And painful as it is to watch two people who really love each other break up like this, it kind of seems like the right call.

With a twinkle in her eye, she walks right up to him. (Raise your hand if you had completely forgotten that Channing is a brothel impresario.) But just like that, the workshop is open again! After getting yelled at by Sonia, Liz goes to Bridget to share her fears that Sonia has figured out that she was Witness X. This situation would have been all but untenable even had Franky been on her best behavior, which she certainly was not.

What’s striking is Strugeon’s insistence that she still plans to call one in this Parliament – so before the next Scottish Parliament elections in 2021.

This delay of a year doesn’t appear to be much of a concession for the SNP to make seeing as were they to call one now, they would be expected to lose.

Of course, Frankie knows that too, so she runs off and cries in her cell, about the many ways she has failed the women in her life. It’s especially rough because I feel like I have to choose between supporting them and supporting Fridget, a pairing to which I have devoted thousands of adoring words.

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And now, she is confronted with the most hurtful betrayal of all: the arrival of a blonder woman. Bridget sees Franky and Allie huddled together and naturally assumes they’re romantically entangled, when in fact all the two of them are doing are innocently planning a prison break! DON’T DISRESPECT HER MEMORY BY USING FRANKY AS A REBOUND. And Bridget knows it, and feels terrible, which in turn sends her for another ride on the Unhealthy Coping Mechanism Express.

for an episode with more lesbian drama than a drunken women’s rugby team after losing a match.

Even the parts that weren’t strictly “gay” centered around gardening and welding, so the whole episode felt a little like being in a fight with my girlfriend at a hardware store (HOW CAN WE FIX OUR RELATIONSHIP IF WE CAN’T EVEN FIX THE CABINETS). But Franky came to her in the depths of her despair and promised that they would both escape, and get the ultimate revenge on Ferguson by leading happy, teal-free lives outside the bars.

Unionists hoping Nicola Sturgeon would use her statement today to call off her plans for Indy Ref2 have been left disappointed.

Instead, the First Minister simply said she would ‘re-set’ her proposal in light of her party’s disastrous election result, which saw the SNP lose 21 seats and half a million votes.