Levels of a dating

This phase will eventually fade away gradually and settle into what is now your relationship.

At the point where you begin to care for the well-being of your lover beyond just her physical and sexual needs, so many other factors begin to weigh in on your relationship and you have no choice but to slow things down because all of a sudden there’s all this baggage that needs to be dealt with on a daily basis.

People are very different from each other and take different amounts of time to process and adapt to certain situations.

One can only estimate how long it will take the typical couple to get through these stages.

Ultimately when all the awkwardness subsides or you start to get used to it, you begin to feel very comfortable with each other.

Furthermore, say hello to the bottom of human consciousness and all your sub-conscious emotional baggage, the moment you change your single status to “in a relationship.”“Recent findings using functional magnetic resonance imaging or functional MRI (f MRI) reveal that trying not to feel something doesn’t work and in some cases even backfires.Some people who click naturally or have very good chemistry right off the bat can get over this stage of awkwardness in the first three dates, for some people it’s much longer.It’s really difficult to specify a timeline as to how long it lasts.Lust tips the scale and you are like two very horny rabbits.So much so that you become annoying to people close to you.