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I can't help but think she's living story, some comments were vicious.

Day after day, as they change diapers, drive to soccer practice, and help with college applications, they fantasize about a life unburdened by dependents and free from the needs of others. The movement got its (arguable) start nearly 10 years ago when Corinne Maier, a French psychoanalyst, writer, and mother of two in Brussels, wrote candidly about her own regret in .There are sub-communities on Quora and Reddit—even a Facebook group called "I Regret Having Children"—with mothers tapping out desperate messages of shame, disappointment, and fear."I am 30 years old and since I was very young I always dreamed about having a family," one anonymous commenter writes. I realize I am not mother material, and I am terrified thinking how I am going to be forced to take care of it." Sometimes that fear is a sense of missed opportunity.Another was astonished "such a vile creature could exist." Some have even accused these mothers of committing child abuse for daring to utter such thoughts.Despite the fact that we have officially entered the age of oversharing—documenting anything and everything on social media from children's births to family deaths—there are still things women are not supposed to feel, and certainly not to openly discuss. When author Ayelet Waldman declared in to defend herself. Fathers, Susan Rohwer wrote for in 2014, are permitted "multifaceted identities, and are even patted on the back for being involved parents." With mothers, it's simply expected that you will be an attentive, highly-involved caretaker, and there is no praise when you are.