Latitude no longer updating

The HP Envy X2 was a relative star among this class of PCs, boasting a real-world battery life measured in days, with a detachable tablet that compared favorably in size and weight (but not app support) to the then-current i Pad model.(You can read my first impressions of the device in the March 2013 post, "PCs learn new tricks, but can tablet/notebook hybrids rescue Windows 8?Today, owners of those devices who took advantage of Microsoft's free upgrade offer for Windows 10 are facing a rude shock.Acer's support note implied that Microsoft and Intel were working together to release a software fix for this issue, but Microsoft's statement of July 19 confirms no such fix is coming.

A device needs to install the latest update to remain supported.Several portions of this post have been updated to reflect that statement If you are one of the unlucky owners of one of the first 2-in-1 PCs, announced in 2012 and sold throughout 20, your PC was eligible for the free Windows 10 upgrade in mid-2015, and it also received the Summer 2016 Anniversary Update (version 1607) without any compatibility issues.But when Windows Update tries to install the March 2017 Creators Update, version 1703, the installation fails with a dire (and confusing) message that reads: Don't be fooled by that message. This problem occurs because of a fundamental incompatibility between the PC hardware and the latest release of Windows 10.Incompatible software is blocking the upgrade process." The entire affair brings back memories of a confusing announcement in the months before the launch of Windows 10.In January 2015, Windows boss Terry Myerson announced the new "Windows as a service" plan using this language.