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It could be that he is out of town for a job and has some phone issues as he is on a yacht if he is to be believed. He only said 450 dollars and that he would pay me back when he was in town this weekend, but he had no way of getting any money there being on the ocean on this yacht. I said I just couldn’t do that because I had not met him yet. Eventually, after they sell the seats on the plane, they will change the layover times and add several hours and you end up with horrible arrival and departure times at your destination.I could not figure out what possible angle he’s have for lying until last night. He said his son is in boarding school in Turkey and lives with a Guardian. Romance Scams Now™ is the world's leading private anti-scams organization. It's founder was involved in combating online fraud since 1991. I dated someone from Morocco a few years back and I know that men from other countries can be a lot more expressive and romantic. He sounds like he is from Turkey and does speak and type in broken English. He has sent me multiple photos and I did quiz him on the area we both live in and he seems to know the area.

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One Turkish footballer, Gökhan Gönül of Fenerbahçe, was named in the team.

Gönül is attracting attention lately with his excellent performance in both international and domestic matches.

Unless you are familiar with the area, you wouldn’t come up with this small town.. He didn’t want that to be something that ended things with us and he would talk to me later. I made it clear I had to meet him before I could trust him. If you need to investigate someone in Turkey or elsewhere, here is a resource: have a scam going for International flights that have layovers in Istanbul.

He has information about it and seems to know about the area… I did some searching online and found a Facebook page that matches what he says. He is good looking and is very romantic and seems anxious to meet me. I don’t know if he was just not thinking straight because he was upset over his son (if he has one) or if he is scamming me. If you book several months ahead of time they will show flights with very short layover times and decent arrival times at your destination.