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This is a sensitive topic for Abedin and the Clinton campaign, because on previous occasions, Huma - under oath - disclosed that all the emails in her possession had been accounted for and handed over to the FBI.

As CNBC adds,"there are a number of scenarios that would explain how the emails got onto the laptop without Abedin's knowledge, including that they were somehow automatically backed up from the cloud.

Standard practice is for the FBI not to comment on investigations — but this is not a standard situation. It is possible that Comey could indicate publicly what the FBI finds before Election Day next week, but that decision has not been made yet.

Actually it was reported back in July that he had died. It was Carlos Danger protecting himself from Hiladbeast, so there are bound to be some really juicy ones in there. Weenie and Hoochie should be looking into the witness protection program.

IT guy set that laptop on auto-sync, they forgot about it when the FBI came calling the first time because that computer had fallen into Weiner's sticky fingers full-time for a few years by that point.

Carelessness and poor judgement seem most likely here--remember thesee folks can get the best Google IT people to their home anytime to deal with their IT needs. They didn't even get the best guy out of the phone book.

As their colleagues say in various Wikileaked emails, they have terrible judgement..... As an IT - it is or would've been a simple matter to have setup an auto-forward (subject to recipient pc/laptop being online [sub-note....

polling check and send when it is/was]) caching program/addon to any email client that was being used.

However he did do it, if it was without Huma's knowledge, the odds just went up immensely that there are some slam dunk felonies on there. pods Fox just reported that the meta data for the emails showed there were new emails related to Hillary and almost certainly contain classified data. UPDATE: Ah, now they are saying it might have been a backup of Huma's smart phone. the wiener's or the one that's one-letter-short-of-being-human ... could it be that the wiener's pics got compromised by a rogue 'terrist' state and the wiener was forced to 'pass' on natsec secrets from his wife's "secret" access to STATE secrets to avoid media exposure? (the wiener was a state rep and running for NY mayor at one time) ... Maybe Killary knew that Hoochie left an extra computer at Weenie's apartment, so she and her hoodlum friends at the CIA hacked into it and stashed copies of all the emails they swore disappeared or got handed over to Killary's buddy Comey.

But there was no indication in that report he had killed himself. If it was Huma, she would have deleted ones that would have implicated her, but if it was Carlos, he might have all the dirt. Not that it will buy either of them much time if Killary puts a contract on them.

It was reported as a surprise and the cause of death was unknown. Maybe he put a keylogger program on her computer that captured emails? As for how all the emails materialized on Hoochie's computer, don't think for a minute that Killary wouldn't double cross her most trusted associate for her own gain.

Those will be kept in a separate file and will be examined by FBI agents to see if they contain classified material or information relevant to the Clinton probe.

It is not clear what FBI Director James Comey will do with the information once the FBI obtains it.