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LONDON: An exclusive London gentlemen's club is set to have the first female member in its 149-year history -- because a current member is having a sex change, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The paper quoted Savile Club member Jerry Hayes, a former MP, saying that a fellow unidentified club associate who is in his 30s, married and has two children, was transitioning to become a woman.

The Savile Club, in the exclusive Mayfair district of the British capital, was founded in 1868.

Early members included the novelists Henry James, Rudyard Kipling and Evelyn Waugh, and current associates include thriller writer John Le Carre and producer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The Ladies Club is a 1986 rape and revenge film directed by Janet Greek.

Joan Taylor is a Los Angeles policewoman who gets gang-raped by a trio of burglars in her own house.

Joan takes charge of the group and leads them out to abduct and surgically castrate various men whom have committed rape and got away with it.

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