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In the past, the sight of the PM shirtless or doing push-ups for a good cause would have saved the day and summoned international envy.

But Trudeau’s Instagrammable goodwill is running dry of late between his cringe-inducing encomium to Fidel Castro and pipeline approvals that shredded his eco cred.

Inattention has become another concern; new stats indicate the PM is more absent than not for question period; he wasn’t present to witness Monsef’s blowout last week or for the ensuing furor this week.

But if a government can subject a nation to a loaded -style quiz on electoral reform, it’s only reasonable that the country can turn for its political guidance to a 2004 dating bestseller, one that famously instructed women to heed a fellow’s actions, not his words.

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Last week, Monsef mocked and misrepresented her own committee’s work in the House while flouting its no-props rule: she held up a paper containing the Gallagher Index, a calculation used to gauge a voting system’s proportionality, calling it “an incomprehensible formula” as if it were the national homework assignment from hell.The reaction isn’t only to Liberal backtracking on a topic in equal parts glaze-inducing, fractious and vital.The episode also appears to mark a tipping point in Justin Trudeau’s avatar as the nation’s progressive, swoon-worthy boyfriend.The biggest thing stressing out most people is sexual frustration, and they don’t even know it.There is always going to be something in your life that is stressful and these things are usually amplified by under lying sexual frustrations.