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This blog is for Jewish American singles, Jewish European singles, and even Jewish matchmakers who want to know that they are not alone in their search for a soul mate.

He was open to the impact of what he heard and was open to change!“AND YITRO HEARD.” Why does the Torah name an entire Parsha after a non-Jew and moreover, “The Parsha”, which describes the awesome experience of Matan Torah?The greatness of Yitro was his ability to listen, which is a prerequisite to receiving the Torah.According to Stephen Covey, the highest level of listening is called empathic listening: “to truly listen means to transcend your own autobiography, to get out of your frame of reference, out of your own value system, out of your own history and judging tendencies, and to get deeply into the frame of reference or viewpoint of another person.” Tips for active listening: Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so we could hear twice as much as we speak. Miller is a Jewish matchmaker on a dating coach in Jerusalem. Sherrie is certified by Midreshet Emunah and is accredited by the Rabbanut of Israel, to be a pre-marital couple’s counselor and Kallah teacher.She received her counseling degree from the Michlala in Jerusalem and an M.