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From Leonardo Di Caprio (good luck with that one) to Stefan Simchowitz.

And if you’re curious whose stock has risen—and whose has dropped a few pegs—check out last year’s iteration. Paul Chan As the winner of last year’s prestigious Hugo Boss Prize, 42-year-old Chan has been a name on everyone’s lips.

A well-connected man of mystery hiding behind totally on-trend designer shades? His new book “Management of Art Galleries” sent ripples through the art world thanks to its insights into the management styles and success secrets of big-time dealers like Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch.

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But who, you may ask, should you be networking with?He’ll be present at Art Basel this year, hosting an exclusive dinner with Galerie Gmurzynska and Germano Celant.But the question is: can you manage to strike up a conversation with him without succumbing to the temptation to quote 24.But then again, for a certain breed of young artist, attention from Simcho can jumpstart your career, and we have no doubt he’ll be on the prowl this year. La Toya Ruby Frazier Chicago-based photographer and video artist La Toya Ruby Frazier is one of the winners of this year’s Mac Arthur Genius Grant, which she was awarded for her black-and-white photographs that explore identities of place, race, and family.What’s more intimidating than hanging out with a bona fide genius?