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We believe that providing opportunities for children outside the classroom has amazing impact within.

We believe in teachers and parents working together to provide a supportive partnership to inspire a lifelong love of learning.

Countless peaks in the state are taller, but Mount Diablo has a remarkable visual prominence for a mountain of such low elevation.

Its looming presence over much of the bay area, delta, and Central Valley, and good visibility even from the Mother Lode, all key regions during the gold rush and early statehood, made it an important landmark for mapping and navigation.

At Indian Creek School, it means that everything the school does is informed by studies of how the brain works, how children learn best, and how people achieve success.

The goal: to ensure that students benefit from the latest knowledge on the path to gaining a strong foundation for college and the rest of their lives.

Mount Diablo is sacred to many California Native American peoples; according to Miwok mythology and Ohlone mythology, it was the point of creation.

We create a learning environment where our teachers know their students both as people and as learners.

These connections help our students to gain confidence, acquire strategies for managing stress, and enjoy meaningful learning.

Prior to European entry, the creation narrative varied among surrounding local groups.

In one surviving narrative fragment, Mount Diablo and Reed's Peak (Mount Tamalpais) were surrounded by water; from these two islands the creator Coyote and his assistant Eagle-man made Native American people and the world.