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But then in Florence I started one day just journaling about him and realized I never had before, and I started wondering, “What is happening? Then I broke up with that boyfriend and moved out of the apartment we were sharing as “roommates.” KS: Was he in the closet? I think it is braver in some ways for a gay actor to have gay sex scenes as you and Russell Tovey—who is also out—did in that series than it is for two straight actors to do them. We had good chemistry from the minute we met, Lea and I. ” glare as if she were protecting you, or maybe she even had a crush on you herself. We were on a very wild ride together during those days. We were still figuring out who we were, like you do in college. My dad did tell me that he started to feel really bad because he used to make fun of guys in high school for being sissies, and now he has a son who’s gay KS: And your mother is a P.

I wouldn’t even write about it in my journal because I was afraid somebody might read it. It’s nice when those are not only the hallmarks of someone’s talent but also of their character as a person. There was also such grace and ease in your performance as Patrick in HBO’s —and I’d even say bravery. What really sold it, though, was the energy between us and the trust we had in each other. It had nothing to do with the physical act of a dick in a vagina. KS: I remember when I’d come backstage and hang a bit with you she’d give me that “Who’s this old gay guy? I never went to college, but I imagine it’s what it’s like when you bond with someone in college. I took one of my boyfriends home for Christmas a couple of years ago, and they bought him a present.

in its eagerly awaited Broadway transfer after its sold-out, critically-acclaimed off-Broadway run at the Public Theater. ” I knew in that moment I was going to come out of the closet. In a professional sense, there might be an unimaginative impulse in the business to ghettoize you into those parts, and yet you two took them on with such commitment. We were having such a deep and intense experience doing that show together. When I came out, I made peace with the fact that maybe I wouldn’t be a huge movie star or a huge TV star.

A musical about our founding fathers written in the rhythmic vernacular of today by Lin-Manuel Miranda, choreographed by Andy Blankenbuehler, and directed by Thomas Kail, ’s editor in chief had lunch with Groff at Sosa Borella in Tribeca. Kevin Sessums: I’ve known you for eight years now, Jon. Looking back at that twenty-two-year-old boy, do you still recognize him? But the biggest thing is my being in the closet back then. JG: It’s so funny to me, because doing a gay sex scene and doing a straight sex scene—except for the different equipment—is the same. But for me, sex scenes are more about intimacy than they are about sexuality. So we developed—and continue to have—a very intimate friendship that can only happen when you’re that age and you’re not who you are. It is amazing to me, now that I made that part of myself so off-limits that even Lea didn’t ask me about it. But I’d rather be a working actor and not hiding anything in my personal life.

KS: Two of the people we know you’ve dated are Gavin, as you mentioned, and Zachary Quinto. But when I was dating Gavin and dating Zach, it was more about the people they were instead of the actors they were, which is the same about the people who aren’t actors that I’ve dated. Do you feel to be successful in your private life as a gay man these days that you have to be married and have children? KS: Not only have so many of us begun to codify our happiness in a heteronormative context as gay men, but I just heard myself ask a “sexist” question of you as a gay man: Will you be fulfilled without having a husband and children? I have a lot of gay friends who are couples or are single, and they don’t have kids, and they don’t seem any less successful or happy to me. KS: You once told me that you were a serial monogamist. Are you worried about your sex life being public knowledge, which is separate from your being out?

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Addiction to porn is considered to be a type of sex addiction and can manifest itself differently than other types of sex addiction. I hadn’t even seen it, so I wasn’t even sure what I was saying yes to. Obama stayed in the audience while the Broadway Cares speech happened, and Lin called her out and the audience applauded for her. Then King George pops out and sings a kind of fuck-you-for-leaving-me “breakup” number. When they asked me to do it, I just said sure because I love those guys—Lin and Andy and Thomas. Were you disappointed the night Madonna was there but was barred from coming back afterward by Lin-Manuel? We were collecting for Broadway Cares after the show, and Mrs. The thief made his way into three vehicles belonging to members of the West family staff before being greeted by the security on the property.Despite being discovered the thief made off with an i Phone belonging to a staff member and is now being hunted by police.