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If your family don't live nearby, or if your friends can't help, see if other mums you know can recommend a babysitter.

It will give you peace of mind, knowing that your babysitter has already been used by someone you trust.

If you're hiring a professional babysitter, ask if she can visit a few days beforehand to meet your child.

Seeing that you're relaxed around the babysitter will encourage your child to feel relaxed too.

Her main task is to keep your child safe and happy for the time that you’re out.

If your babysitter is inexperienced in looking after young children, you could ask her to come over a few days beforehand.Lay down some ground rules before you leave for the evening.Ask your babysitter to tidy up if she makes a snack, and let her know whether she can invite a friend over.Alternatively, a mum friend may offer to babysit herself, in return for you babysitting for her children on another evening.If all of these options draw a blank, you can find professional babysitters online or through an agency.