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But maybe you should start picking up Nip/Tuck reruns? Apparently, that's who people talked to before they became total losers. I like your motorcycling story, your river swimming story, your terminator story, your anime story (although you did not complete the survey so are forbidden from forwarding it to friends), your driving ticket story too. From: Ic3c0|d Date: Fri Oct 14 2005So I was thinking. very nice work then you had to go and create a monster by teaching it to replicate itself across everyone's personal space fucking priceless. Fox is going to come down on you, and come down on you hard. Fox doesn't have a sense of humor when it comes to shit like this. Postmortem: I'm still waiting for myspace or FOX to contact me. I love you guys, all the great things myspace provides, and all the great shows FOX has, my favorite being Nip/Tuck. My bad, but FOX, I'm sure you still have some good stuff. I'm into this thing they're calling "REAL friends". Lulu the Loveable Freak From: beau Date: Fri Oct 14 2005ok, so you broke a tag that they can't filter nice work you did some troubleshooting and figured out new ways to inject tags that WERE filtered. People are also emailing me telling me their IM names so that I'll chat with them. I would recommend also finding a laywer, its better then doing it when down at the FBI office. From: Dan Date: Mon Oct 17 2005i was readin ur scpritng and code you really have sumtin goin here dude haha i mean i have hacked google b4 and other things but myspace now thas pretty impressive but i seriously think you shold think about getin into the tracking the hackers business or sumtin with generic html code scripting you really have some talent here if you ever need a job give me a call From: Jesus Date: Mon Oct 17 2005You are the biggest biggest biggest biggest player around.

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I also had a number of friends on there and figured I would see what all the hype was about. If 5 people viewed each of their profiles, that's 25 more new friends. Maybe you'd get a job doing security testing with a good firm, and not basing how "kewl" you are because you can write a little script. but i saw my friends freaking out that you were on their kinda dissapointed. But Samy, care to tell us how to get around the ban on embeds now that you've wrecked havok?! I would reallt appreciate it if you coauld teach me a thing or two.Myspace is a site for keeping up with friends, meeting new people, and even getting laid (sorry ladies, I'm taken.) It allows you to set up a profile/web page with a limited ability to make it look and feel how you wanted. I couldn't even fit a good line into my "headline" due to the character restriction. And after that, well, that's when things get difficult. Another idea, put your programming skills to work for an open-source project's web site. From: fourth grader Date: Tue Oct 18 2005DUKE "Let's see you better yet, figure out a way to close the whole, and report it" File Under: I try to act smart by typing profoundly, yet have simply spelling mistakes. Besides making a band profile or getting a friend to post the code for me as a comment. From: [email protected]: Thu Nov 17 2005I wonder if there's any way you can help me get back into my profile, I forgot my password and My Space won't send it to me. [email protected]: Tyler Date: Sat Dec 10 2005Ok i have a question.I couldn't even fit more than 12 glamour shots on my photos page. I delved into the bug and found that I could basically control the web browsing of anyone who hit my profile. Really, you are nothing more than a punk kid who grafittis on a wall. From: Kashkabald Date: Wed Oct 19 2005Veja fotos das putas que o Samy fudeu!!! Why didn't you completly fuck over My Space, that site is the worst site in the face of the Earth. Also, you should probably be working for FOX by now or something From: Hmm... Get back at me and let me know if there's any way since I haven't logged in for 4 days. What exactly am i to do with the myspace code you have listed in the "(technical explanation and actual code here)" area and does it even work on myspace any more. 3 hours later, pm: You have 2,503 friends and 6,373 friend requests. From: lexaroosky Date: Fri Oct 14 2005I will give you credit for being able to figure all of that out, but I dont want you on my hero's list. my thoughts dump ur gf: bang ur 1,005,941 my space buddies (women only) From: PJDate: Mon Oct 17 2005There are plenty of sites out there that have similar vunerabilities. yeah so if you care to tell me really how you did this stuff [email protected] are amazingg dude. The FOX and Myspace security staff are probably going to go off of the pre-profile creation info. People are messaging me saying they've reported me for "hacking" them due to my name being in their "heroes" list. Not to mention, the laywer should explain how this very page is only sealing your fate worse. int=samy is my hero From: PASthe Lo DDate: Sat Oct 15 2005Hehe, you made it, you are indeed very popular now ;] If I look this from the pure technical/g33k view, it's awesome, the XML-HTTP object thing.. nice one :) However, if I look this from the rational view, that you can't implemented any kind of aborting method, it's a very stupid thing :] From: CJDate: Sat Oct 15 2005If you ever read this, can you teach me how to do the thing when you get a million friends, my AIM is My Cursive Memory, my email is [email protected], my myspace is From: Jeremy Date: Mon Oct 17 2005Dude..kick ass - don't be so apologetic - screw the big corporations - if there's a vulnerability in the system - find it and make use of it - but next time, call me so I can get you to make it an advertising worm so I can get some more hits to my site! I'm, sure going around braggin about hacking the site all those highschool kids are at will get u all the pussy in the world. People say, "time spent on myspace is time wasted"...i say, it's no more wasteful than video games.