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This year, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, in partnership with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, started a daily transatlantic flight powered by fuel that is twenty-five per cent converted fryer oil, collected at Cajun restaurants in Louisiana.

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In 2011, Stuewe hired Total Compliance Associates, a Manhattan-based firm headed by Stuart Gra Bois, a former U. assistant district attorney, and Mike Ferrandino, a former F. His first case, he said, was in 1986: “I had a couple of guys get busted in Galveston County at a Popeye’s Fried Chicken.” Back then, grease went for only a few pennies on the Chicago exchange, but, if you collected enough of it and knew where to sell it, you could make some money.Lately, it has found a new life, by being cleaned, filtered, and chemically modified into biofuel. The wastewater has to be cooked off, and the scraps of hash browns and wontons and buffalo wings filtered out—to say nothing of the old shoes, dirty diapers, and used hypodermic needles that can end up in a bin in a back alley.But used cooking oil, correctly processed, burns eighty per cent cleaner than fossil fuels, has a smaller carbon footprint than corn ethanol, and doesn’t compete with the food supply.Fifty-nine billion pounds of animal parts are processed each year in the United States; Dar Pro, with a hundred and twenty plants in forty-two states, is the country’s largest processor.In 2010, the company, then known as Darling Rendering, bought its main competitor, Griffin Industries, and began operating under the name Darling International.