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All of the following is equally true for both sexes: although nature can sometimes hide a woman in the exterior of a man, this exterior, this superficial bark, this appearance, does not impress enlightened men, and and does not make this woman into a man.

If there have been men who passed for a woman, it is certainly via ambivalent characteristics; but it is during the age which is the season of pleasures that the profusion of life, the source of force and of health, can no longer be contained inside, and searches in this happy age to be seen outside, announces itself, and definitively succeeds.

The same Columbus, of whom we were just speaking, saw a Bohemian woman, who asked him to remove this body, and to enlarge the canal to her shame in order to be able, she said, to receive the embraces of the man she loved.

The small round, hollow yet sensitive body that is located at the back part of the vulva has almost always caused to be described as , girls who, by a trick of nature, have had this part long enough to abuse.The interior genital parts were shaped like a male's; and and as there was no sign of a womb, nor of its ancillaries, it appeared that this was a male subject in whom the urethra had been changed by a defect of conformation, which would render him incapable of having children.His twin brother who was put out for adoption died six weeks after his birth; and it is a pity that we do not have a description of his natural parts. Saviard saw again the next year a second child delivered at full term, who had approximately the same defects to his genitals as the previous child.Marguerite Malaure, recovered from her illness and presented to the king her well-written request for permission to return to woman's dress, despite the sentence of the municipal magistrates of Toulouse, who had enjoined her to wear men's clothing.We conclude, therefore, that , who have both had children, each as man and woman, are childish fables, drawn from the heart of ignorance in the love of marvels, so difficult to dismantle.