Grannycams free

“They have to buy the camera, arrange for installation and maintenance.

If it is a webcam that transmits over Wi Fi, then the family would have to contract with a provider to do the streaming.”But apparently a growing number of families are pursuing installation of Granny Cams.

Do you have any professional experiences with the use of cameras in your nursing home or long-term care facility?

Our attorneys have significant experience defending nursing homes, and thus know how to build a strong case against your opponent.

At least one of the states considering a new law, Utah, would prohibit skilled nursing facilities from retaliating in any way against a resident whose family requests camera monitoring – for example, by discharging them.

Who pays for the cameras, and the internet connection that allows the family to monitor care?

Do you think these Granny cams are necessary, or do they raise deeper questions of privacy?

It is illegal for nursing homes or long-term care facilities to neglect or abuse its patients or residents.