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In fact, one sex worker, called Natalie, shows how she has completely transformed beyond recognition in just one year, due to her drug habit.

Highlighting sex workers' fears about seeking protection from police, she said: “One of the women in the Enfield attack told us that during the robbery she managed to escape to a bedroom, and saw a bobby on the beat on the street outside through the window. The gangs attacking brothels know this fear exists, which is why they keep targeting them.” Following the robbery, the English Collective of Prostitutes wrote to the Met complaining that the response had been to threaten the women with prosecution.“What has happened here has very wide implications. She said none of the other girls wanted to report it to the police, but as soon as the men left she did.If the police are so dismissive of safety in this situation and they’re ready to put prostitution offences – where there’s no force or coercion or exploitation – over stopping a gang of violent criminals, it raises questions about their priorities.” She said police had failed to treat the woman and the other sex workers in the Enfield premises when it was robbed as victims, instead focusing on their involvement in sex work. She told them on the phone that she was a sex worker,” she said.The Brazilian woman, who was in the UK on a six-month visa, approached the police after she was robbed at knifepoint along with other sex workers by a group of men on Baker Street in Enfield in the early hours of 24 June Authorities have been accused of failing to protect sex workers after a victim of a violent robbery was threatened with prosecution and deportation when she reported the crime to the police.The Brazilian woman, who was in the UK on a six-month visitor visa and had engaged in sex work to save money for her trip home, was robbed at knifepoint by five men in Enfield in the early hours of 24 June.