Gba dating sim games

From then, you work in a general circle of tasks: Find ore, create a weapon, use the weapon to get better ore, use the ore to get better weapons, etc, etc, etc.While you're climbing the tournament's proverbial mountain, you'll meet several friends/love interests.In combat, your character and your enemies take on a semi-cell shaded quality which is very attractive and fits the mood of the game nicely.The character profiles (seen when a character is talking) are also very well drawn, in an anime style that looks like it could almost rot your teeth.Weapon creation adds a very neat collection aspect to the game that I thoroughly enjoyed.Sound is fairly average all around, and graphics are only mediocre - until you enter combat, that is.The problem is that the gameplay is simply too easy.Because you can create powerful weapons very easily, most random encounter enemies can be killed in just a few hits.

There are tons of weapons and weapon types (sword, axe, lance, drill, and knuckles) and you can create more powerful, elemental versions of many weapons using special mystic ore.series, however, I almost relate it more to a recent Castlevania game.It's more about sneaking in, defending or dodging attacks, hitting the enemy at the right time in their pattern, etc.Summon Night relies on subtlety to show off many of its points.Your character is trying to learn about her father, but you never really simply have his story explained to you.