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They also listen to lectures, both formally and informally, over three meals per day. , and in his 137 scientific peer-reviewed journal papers over his 50-year career.And only on one afternoon, when a big bear lumbers from the woods, snorts and stomps a front foot on the ground, does there seem like the possibility of danger. The class rushes into the cabin and peers at the newcomer through the living room bay windows. C., the new arrival, takes a stomping step towards Burt, who is lying on the porch eating peanuts from an overturned metal garbage can lid. But his methods of interacting with bears has frightened and angered his local wildlife management agencies, with whom he used to work, and has resulted in a lawsuit to get him to stop his research.They only pick up one or two berries or nuts or ants at a time.” From a bag, Rogers scoops more peanuts into his hand as Burt attentively waits.

During one of course’s first lectures, titled “Can Food Lead Bears Out of Trouble?“It takes two things to make a complaint,” Rogers says, “what a bear does and how a person feels about it.Most people are afraid of what a bear is going to do instead of what a bear actually ends up doing.” And most bears ended up doing very little except running away when they encountered humans.Despite recent media coverage, black bears are rarely a threat or fatal to humans.A study of black bear-human encounters from 1900-2009 by the University of Calgary found that black bears have killed only 63 people in 59 incidents.

Gay bear dating find local gay bears near you