Garmin keeps updating traffic receiver

To calculate a route from that information, the GPS database must also include data such as the lengths of various roads, traffic flow rules and the locations of intersections.The onboard database can also include more detailed information, such as whether certain roads are highways or local streets, well-paved or one-lane gravel.

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Bring the Garmin Drive 61LM on your next trip and see what it feels like to travel with ease.

As soon as the TMC is connected, it will search for a signal from SUNA (usually within seconds) and will actively display the traffic hotspots on your chosen route, if there are any.

Thankfully, you don’t need a mobile phone and it doesn’t cost you a cent more; no added data charges are involved.

There’s nothing more annoying that being stuck in peak hour traffic and not knowing exactly why you’re stuck there. Garmin are halfway there: in addition to their traffic ready units, they provide an all-in-one cable that incorporates the receiver into the power cable and connects to the car cigarette lighter dock.

That’s where the TMC (Traffic Management Controller) comes in: it usually comes as an attached accessory that measures about 2 inches – and is plugged into your GPS (if you have a compatible GPS), where it receives data from SUNA’s traffic management network. Mio's new top-end model, the Moov 370, incorporates an in-built receiver - but you'll still need to plug a seperate Antenna lead into it.