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The push notification service runs and maintained on the Wizi App servers.The push notifications service is available for native mobile Apps that were published to the mobile stores.Publish your Apps to Google Play Store & Apple App Store.Your readers can now download an Offline version of your content to their mobile device and access it even in poor internet connection areas.

The user can also save a shortcut for a quick access to your mobile App from his mobile device home screen.

Changes to the native mobile App that was uploaded to the Appstore & Google Play Android Market, may require us to upload an update version to the stores for your.

The Wizi App plugin is compatible with most of the major plugins and themes.

The native mobile App also enables you to notify your readers about new content directly to their mobile devices in real time using push notification service that runs and maintained by Wizi App. Sell your native mobile App in the App Store or Google Play Android Market. Enjoy all the revenues, Wizi App take no cut of your revenues nor do we share the ad space.

Yes, If you choose to publish your mobile App as a native mobile App on the App Store & Google Play Android Market, An Apple developer & Google Play accounts are required in order for your brand name to be displayed as the App publisher on the App Store. Enjoy all the revenues, Wizi App take no cut of your revenues. In most cases, the App will be available in the Appstore within 1 to 2 weeks, depending upon Apple's confirmation.

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