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Community Hospital North (North campus map PDF) Behavioral Health Pavilion 7165 Clearvista Way Indianapolis, IN 46256See a Map Children, pre-adolescents, adolescents, adult and senior adult mental health patients, and those with co-occurring disorders (substance abuse and mental health).Multidisciplinary team—under the direction of psychiatrists—includes licensed mental health counselors and licensed social workers.It has an even greater level of security by only showing a recipient of a message of few words at a time, as a measure to prevent someone from taking a screenshot of the entire message.Cyber Dust only works if you feel like the person you’re chatting with is operating in good faith.At first, people dismissed Snapchat as a frat house fad until it became the next big thing.And now, the concept of disappearing content has found home inside the business world…

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Perfect for your ultra-paranoid friends or for people who know they’re doing something wrong and are planning ahead about how not to get caught.Here’s a quick run-down on the new messaging apps invading the Snapchat space: Tiiny — Created by Kevin Rose of Digg fame, this photo sharing app does two things to ensure long-term privacy without sacrificing the short-term gratification of sharing moments in your social network.1) It saves the pictures you upload as thumbnails only (212 pixels square), and 2) it deletes them 24 hours after posting.Therefore, it’s called Tiiny because the pictures are tiny, but with an extra “i” for SEO.Confide — Similar to Cyber Dust, Confide is a text-based app that is billed as your “off-the-record” messenger, and it just got its 2.0 makeover.