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Since this genre flourished on consoles and arcade machines, that makes up the bulk of the article (although, we have moved some of the lesser titles to an honorable mentions list and included the console versions in the console section below it).

However, in the interest of exposing people to as many interesting games as possible, there are a small number of PC and Doujin games featured in this article as well.

Eventually, the genre would be overshadowed by 2D fighters with the coming of Street Figher II.

Fighting games owe a lot to the beat ’em up genre however, and many people often confuse the two genres since they share a lot of elements.

Finding a chance to charge it in combat is part of the strategy.

The first game received a Super Famicom port with a few changes known as Ghost Chaser Densei.

Perhaps even knowledgeable beat ’em up fans will find something interesting here that they had not known about before.

The reason this article doesn’t feature any 3D beat ’em ups is because there are already so many 2D ones that they need their own article.

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Ultimately, this article is just about exposing people to lots of great or interesting games within the genre.You can play through the games without even using every move at your disposal. You can find Youtube videos of combos in Denjin Makai II going up to triple digits!Another distinguishing feature is a power bar that you can manually ch arge up to perform special attacks.You can rest assured that your privacy is one of our prime concerns, and we will never share any of your information with 3rd parties.Once you’ve joined for free, you will have access to a bustling, vibrant community of people looking to chat, make friends, hookup and more.