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He can start by looking into Marijuana Anonymous, an organization that should get increasingly popular in the coming years.

I do wonder about people who think love will overcome this problem, because surely everyone knows marriage and kids rarely heat up things.

A few months ago he seemed to take my concerns more seriously and agreed not to keep pot around the house. I am thrilled we seem to be coming to a place of greater sanity as far as drugs laws are concerned.

He's broken this promise several times, and now I feel betrayed in addition to everything else. Our decades-long “war” didn’t stop people from using, but incarcerated millions, many of them nonviolent offenders, and wrecked lives and communities.

That is, her domestic life has subsumed her erotic life, and instead of sex being a release, it just feels like another obligation.

Or is she saying to herself, “I hate when he touches my nipples. I hate when he wants me to stroke his …” This inquiry into your wife’s feelings needs to be sensitive, even oblique.