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The establishment of the FCA Franchise Academy coincided with the introduction of nationally recognised qualifications in Franchising.In 2004 we developed Certificate and Diploma level courses in Franchising and we became the first educational institution to offer the Diploma of Business (Franchising).However, once the network moves into net profit and achieves relative maturity, the return should make the effort and investment worthwhile.The advantages of franchising for a franchisor may be summarised as: Franchising your business can be a very successful way of expanding.The FCA Franchise Academy offers a career path via industry specific education enabling individuals to pursue continuing professional development drawing upon the expertise & experience of leaders within the sector.FCA Franchise Academy courses present up to date knowledge and relevant theory together with practical skills that can be applied immediately to your advantage in the workplace.

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Properly structured and well run it provides benefits and satisfaction for both parties.

Information on the Franchise Academy is available at

The Franchise Council of Australia publish and market books on key aspects of franchise decision making, management and practices authored by acknowledged experts in their field.

It is critical that intending franchisors get the right advice from the very start of their franchise journey and, in particular, that they have ensured all aspects of their intellectual property rights are protected prior to franchising.

Implemented on July 1, 1998, the Franchising Code of Conduct provides the most stringent national regulations for franchising introduced anywhere in the world.