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RELATED: 'Stranger Things' actor Gaten Matarazzo reveals delightful photo policy for fans The condition can be genetic, but it can also result from a new gene mutation."It's usually passed down through genes, it wasn't for me. "Now that it's in my genes, I have a 50 percent chance of passing it down in my genes and it could be much worse for them." Matarazzo is glad that 'Stranger Things' creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, decided to write his condition into the show.Fans of 'Stranger Things' actor Gaten Matarazzo, 14, may not realize he actually has a lot in common with his on-screen character, Dustin Henderson.Like Henderson, Matarazzo lives with a rare genetic bone disorder called cleidocranial dysplasia.When they landed, there was a taxi strike, so my dad ended up giving my mom a ride. Wise, settled people have a common refrain for their anxious single friends: These things happen when you least expect it.So I figure, hey, I'm sitting in the Louisville airport on a Sunday morning, flying to the Tech Crunch Disrupt tech conference in San Francisco.Evidently, shoe selection is a big element for characterization. This trope is especially popular for introducing a female character, showcasing her assertive walk and providing male viewers with a good look at her long, sexy legs. BDSM Chatters has hundreds of completely free adult chat rooms where you can meet other BDSM and Bondage fans.

I fire up the App Store and download Air Dates, an app that wants to be the only inflight dating app. You set up a profile using a Facebook account, tell it what types of people you like and then you're on the prowl.With Skycheckin, you -- that's right -- check into flights and talk with others who have done the same.Or there's Miss Travel, which aims to help you find a travel companion.This genetic disorder occurs in approximately one in a million people worldwide, and affects the development of a person's bones and teeth."It's a condition where you're born without your collarbones — I don't have any," Matarazzo revealed on "The Jonathan Ross Show", a British comedy chat show. I need a lot of surgery." People living with this disorder may be three to six inches shorter than other members of their family, may have short fingers and forearms, flat feet and an abnormal curvature of the spine.