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Aziz even went to places like Japan, Paris and India to compare the dating cultures there.All of this combined created a very interesting perspective at how different dating can be.What you have to realize is that “Modern Romance,” although plenty funny at approximately one guffaw per 7 minutes, is not merely a book of humor.It’s co-written with an actual university sociology professor (Eric Klinenberg of NYU, who for some reason doesn’t get credited on the cover, hmm), and contains much legwork and original research.Will we be more satisfied with our choices 20 years in the future?This book tries to answer a lot of those questions by looking at older generations before us and how it eventually evolved to where we are now.On my birthday – which is the same as the publication date of this book -- my sister called to tell me that she’d bought me Aziz Ansari’s new book. It wasn’t until the next day, when I read Aziz & Eric’s New York Times article on online dating, that I realized that this book was going to hit the sweet spot of my brain like a Tomahawk missile, for reasons that are about to become abundantly obvious.I finished “Modern Romance” the same night I received it, thereby ignoring actual romance with an actual woman.

It contains data, my friends – the kind of data that you and I do not have access to, unless you happen to regularly snoop on your buddies' phones. For example, did you know that a third of marriages today originated online? Well, if the definition of brilliant is “someone who thinks just like me”, then Aziz and Eric must be geniuses.

And thirdly, thanks for the advice :) I am sure guilty of a few dating faux pas myself and will take his advice to heart.

Especially the part where he tells us about first changing his lifestyle to fit that of his dream girl, in order to finally meet his dream girl (which - surprise! His advice based on the research or on his own experience can sometimes be shockingly obvious/evident, yet it seems that both Aziz and me really needed to see it in graphs or focus groups to become conscious of it and improve our strategies!

Basically, I would highly recommend this book to any 25-40 year old being confused about love, (online) dating, choice, texting/sexting, settling and commitment.

I guess that's a pretty big market right there :)When I read that Aziz had a book coming out, I decided I needed to treat myself.