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This document also provides links to helpful resources and tools available for AVFoundation clients and content owners to use during debugging as well as best practices that lead to better playback experience.HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) reliably delivers media content across a variety of network and bandwidth conditions.This is an unintuitive quirk of for elements defined to have CDATA content.

For example, launch the Terminal app and type discusses any error message that may be returned from the Media Stream Validator tool.

Another common error occurs when including a This example generates an error for "unknown entity section" because the "&" is assumed to begin an entity reference.

Browsers often recover safely from this kind of error, but real problems do occur in some cases.

This document discusses best practices for handling errors during playback of HLS content with AVFoundation.

The Authoring Specification is Apple's advice for authoring HLS content.

Errors encountered validating document