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When critics commented that his “O” face looked very real, Rob admitted to actually handling business just below the camera because faking it “just doesn’t. They even gave him worker’s compensation for his trouble.

Well Kieran and Margo came clean about their very real deeds on the set of the 2004 film say that he “will not confirm or deny them” and that “I did insist that Evan be paid the most that any actress has ever been paid in music-video history to be in this, even though she wouldn’t have asked for it.

We believe therefore that the case warrants further investigation, whereas the LA County Department of Coroner stands by its ruling and refuses to carry out its own poison test.

Please support us in helping Brittany's father to achieve justice for his daughter.

Her publicist was so fucking pissed, screaming at us, ' You’ll never work in this town again! I think Ryan Kwanten from True Blood was freaked out. Does it ever get tense between you and the guests after the show? He was like, ' I’ve never done anything like that.' And I just kind of laughed. I was going nuts and saying all of this inappropriate shit and she was like, ' Loved it! ' What is the scariest thing you’ve experienced doing this show so far? I almost got my jaw broken on the subway a couple of times this year.

Then we were going to interview this other guy from True Blood a few days later, and my talent booker came to us and was like, ' Yeah, he cancelled because Ryan Kwaten told him about your interview.' Have there been any guests who you thought weren’t going to play along but turned out to be cool with it? But I was covered in milk and it was really hot and I just reeked so nobody wanted to touch me.