Dustin zito and heather marter still dating

She appeared on the show's Las Vegas season in 2011.She has studied communications at Monmouth University.GBOGH was so bad that it negatively affected the way people viewed Real World and set up Bad Blood for failure.The weakness of the Bad Blood season was that they cast too many people, and the cast dealt with the issue that MTV focused so hard on finding people with “Bad Bloods” that they didn’t cast the best 7 people.In the Real World house, that’s just being annoying.

Add in the Ceejai-Jenna stuff, and it was a whole bunch of awkward.

Dustin Zito, outfitted in a gray sweatshirt, basketball shorts, and a backwards baseball cap, waltzes from the kitchen to a bathroom.

As he waits for his girlfriend, Heather Marter, a petite and a pretty blonde who’s blow-drying her hair in her bathroom. I’m really sorry.” “I don’t really want to know anything else,” says Marter.

Ryan Leslie was the worst and the best part of the New Orleans seasons. His actions annoyed you, yet you hated him so much that you had to watch.

When he was finally evicted, it made the world so happy.