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I sat in front of the background, he told me to smile, turn left, then right, done. My smile was too big, my head wasn’t tilted properly, it was just bad.

Now I’m no model, but I’ve got lots of photos where I look pretty good and they were all taken by amateurs.

You have full control over the photos you post, so you have the advantage.

You don’t need to worry about some photographer following you around, snapping candid shots when you least expect it.

Just to qualify, I do think that a good professional photographer who is creative and “hip” can definitely enhance how you appear in your photo (sans Photoshop!

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If you’re not crazy about how you look from the neck down, you can just post a headshot.Dressy, casual, sporty, hip, funky…it’s all good, as long as it’s sending the message you want to convey.If you’re really gutsy you can use the photo of you in your Purim or Halloween costume (assuming it’s attractive – no fruit or diapers).The chances of it happening to you in the immediate future are too uncertain to bet your future on, so you need to try something that will increase your odds of success. Online dating gives you the opportunity to meet potential dating partners you would otherwise never get a chance to meet. On we’ve tried to prevent some of the fakers and scammers from getting on the site by requiring everyone to log in using their Facebook profile and we run some checks to make sure that those profiles are real and active and that the persons relationship status isn’t married, engaged, in a relationship, or something of that sort.You can also see their photos and get to know them a bit via email or chat. You are no longer confined to dating the men on your block, or the women in your area code. It’s not foolproof, but it’s a lot better than letting people just sign up using an email (which is what most other sites do). Essays There’s not much you can do with your basic stats. Ok, no one’s going to arrest you if you’re 5’7” and a half and you write 5’8”, but that’s about as much leeway as you can take without putting yourself in the ranks of the dishonest, malicious, cheaters.