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SMS has disrupted ideas of a separate Deaf culture that relied in the main on face-to-face meetings for communication.Videophones allowing Deaf people to sign to one another over distance may also prove to be disruptive in the sense of removing the necessity for Deaf people to inhabit the same physical space as the person with whom they are communicating, but in other ways it will reinforce the idea of a separate “Deaf” culture and language and will extend the borders of Deaf culture to a “global village” including both Deaf and hearing people (Breivik, 2005).A hearing person who cannot sign at a function with signing Deaf people without an interpreter is by definition socially deaf in that context.Technology such as computers and SMS allow Deaf people to escape being socially Deaf in a hearing world when their interaction with another person is through a computer or another kind of text message.

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Breivik (2005), for example, found that Norwegian Deaf people were using e-mail and the Internet to both interact more with hearing people and to establish “transnational” connections with Deaf people around the world, bringing a new transnational character to the Deaf community.Despite the expansion of Deaf people's use of communication technology little is published about how they use electronic communication in their social and working lives and the implications for their concepts of identity and community.Australia is an ideal research base because the use of a range of technologies is widespread there.Before the advent of SMS, Deaf people had no use for the mobile phone; for them SMS did more than sustain and improve existing technology, it was “disruptive” for Deaf people in the sense that it has made them a new market for the phone companies and it has enabled Deaf people to contact hearing people who use SMS much more easily and more cheaply than they can with other technologies.In the more usual everyday sense of the word, SMS has been disruptive because it has become for some Deaf people a main means of socialization.