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Hell, the Doctor thought he’d destroyed the Daleks, too, and they just keep coming back. But while, within the context of the episode, this turning-already-established-defeat-into-victory didn’t bother me, it does fit into a pattern of storytelling cowardice on Moffat’s part.

There are just never any consequences for any main characters in Moffat’s .

His first season had its problems, but the individual episodes and the season-long arc had enough momentum that—along with the slicker direction and more polished production values compared to the previous rebooted Viewers got a succinct briefing on Moffat’s vision in the Season Four two-part episode he wrote, “Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead,” in which Moffat’s creation River meets Tennant’s 10th Doctor.

At one point, she turns into a mouthpiece for Moffat: While she thinks that the 10th Doctor is OK, “Now, my Doctor, I’ve seen whole armies turn and run away, and he’d just swagger off back to his TARDIS and open the doors with a snap of his fingers.”All incarnations of the Doctor have been at least a little bit arrogant, but they’ve also tempered that arrogance with varying degrees of humility, selflessness, and a sense of wonder.

Every apparent sacrifice, tragic loss, or moral compromise is invalidated by some kind of reset button, with no physical or psychological cost.

The “loss” of the Ponds was so nonsensical that it doesn’t even count. Playful, petulant, shouty, giddy, mopey, nasty, lachrymose …

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While I find Moffat’s compulsion to insert his own characters into existing continuity annoying (c.f.

); hypnotized humanity into becoming a race of killers (but the Silence are creepy, so screw them, right?

); and invited all of his “loved ones” to stand unwitting and unwilling witness to his own faked death.

After his somewhat stretched-out three-season-plus run, Smith tends to come in second Faced with a skeptical fandom after taking over for Tennant in 2010, the then-26-year-old, relatively unknown Smith turned in a series of winning performances in his first season, the fifth full slate of episodes since the series was revived in 2005.

Smith brought not just a youthful appearance (River Song once called him “an ageless god who insists on the face of a 12-year-old”) but also an endearing physicality to the role, what with all the Kermit-esque arm flapping and his tendency to stagger and spin about like a cross between Brian Boitano and a five-minute-old giraffe.