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“I’m infuriated by stubborn stupidity but charming, happy ignorance is fine. Writing is hard and I don’t do much of it, but a writer is what I strive to be.” Occasionally she appears on Question Time, but has been known to precipitate consternation when her views aren’t predictably Leftie, thereby causing an imbalance on the panel. In terms of tax-and-spend stuff and dreaming of a Utopian socialist world, yes,” she says.Besides, these days you can have babies well into your eighties, so the way I see it, I’ve got decades left.” In the meantime, she will continue to multitask her way through three careers. “But I think ultimately I’m a libertarian because I’m concerned about the massive curtailment of personal freedom.Glamorous, blonde, curvaceous in all the right places and sharply funny on-screen, off-air she has a warmth entirely at odds with her deadpan Have I Got News For You delivery.So impassive were her features, I always thought she’d had Botox. But I have really thought about experimenting by having shedloads – I mean not just a bit here or there, completely paralysing my face so only my eyeballs move – before a big poker tournament to see how that would psych out everyone else,” she says, beaming. There’s a new power couple on the block and it’s not the Beckhams, although one of them is very sporting – if poker counts as a sport – and the other possesses a rapier wit sharper than a pair of pinking shears.And not just because, in its controversial Society Breasts issue, Tatler gave her the Bluestocking Tits award.Surely your closet intellectual snob would love to pop out a tiny genius or two?

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“I mean, he’s a hugely successful television comedian, he could have had a gorgeous 24-year-old skinny wife with a tiny nose and a string bikini, but he chose me! ” Coren, or Coren Mitchell as she haphazardly calls herself when she thinks it won’t cause too much confusion, is so disarmingly, so extravagantly in love with her husband of 10 months, I (almost) forgive her.

“I love quizzes with the same part of my brain that likes puzzles and Sherlock Holmes stories, and Only Connect is infuriating and brilliant and what I love about it is that the people who come on it haven’t got bleached hair and don’t want to be rock stars, and aren’t represented very often on television,” she says, delivering it in a single, breathless sentence.

“They are properly clever and interested in knowledge and arcane facts and they look nice and tidy in their favourite jumper.

There we are doing crosswords and giggling or eating beans or watching a DVD together while I play poker on my i Pad and it’s just lovely.” Coren is refreshingly up-front on the subject of babies and trying for a family; she dotes on her brother’s children, who live nearby.

“I’m, like, 105 and there’s no shortage of people telling me to get on with it,” she sighs.