With time, you will find any irregularities, and you will know things don’t precisely add up.Make sure that you act on your instincts in case you feel uncomfortable and awkward talking with another member; close that chapter and proceed onwards. The good thing about online dating is that, is that you can block a person.In conclusion, choose a dating site that is popular.An online dating site that has a lot of members means it’s widely known and can be trusted.

It's okay for her to have the feelings, and okay for you to offer her reassurance and support working through this. Sometimes jealousy is just jealousy, but often it's a sign of a problem in the relationship. You have a sign, and now you can discover what it means, and maybe fix the problem! It could be worth having some conversations about this.Is it just that she's been socialized to see other women as a threat?If so, this is something she needs to work through. If so, you need to—with as much kindness and compassion as possible—set some very firm boundaries with her. Is she asking you not to see your friend, or otherwise trying to restrict your relationship with her?