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And in movies, he can be dangerous, quiet, romantic, sexy, and sweet.But which Ryan Gosling alter ego would fit best in your life? if these words act as man candy kryptonite to you, you're gonna be high-tailing it after the Ryan we've seen in films like The Place Beyond the Pines, Drive, and Only God Forgives.No matter what role he's playing — in real life or on screen — Ryan Gosling can really do no wrong.

A good first date is a lot like a movie trailer: it should be short, exciting, and leave you both wanting more.

They have amazing advice, but sometimes I feel like though well-intentioned they aren’t completely objective.

To make a long story short, my parents aren’t very supportive.

You and your significant other are talking about imminent engagement.

If you had the opportunity to speak with an objective and sensitive dating/relationship coach who could help you debrief after a date, or facilitate healthy communication in your relationship…