Dating vs engagement

It seems a little silly to me to get engaged now if we can't get married for another two or three years.

Are there other steps we could take to prepare for marriage together, besides premarital counseling with our pastor?

Thank you for writing to ask about rings and timelines and ways to prepare for marriage.

It sounds like you're in a good place to be thinking through these things given the upcoming change in your location and all the changes that will follow on the heels of your internship.

A promise ring would tempt you to act engaged without the benefits of accountability, the momentum of an end date, or the hope of a wedding.

For two believers committed to dating toward marriage, it should be sufficient to give your word that you will date exclusively.

Their engagement gives them the structure, the urgency, and the end-goal that allows them to pursue topics that are too intimate for those who are dating, but too serious to leave until after wedding rings have been exchanged.My boyfriend and I have been dating for seven months. For example, I tend to focus too much and never relax, and he reminds me to take a night off from homework.And my work ethic encourages him to stay ahead of his homework, too. We've talked about getting married, but we're only sophomores in college, so right now it's not really feasible.If you must live apart, decide if you will continue to date exclusively and abide by your decision.If circumstances pull you apart and you decide to date others because it turns out you're not a good fit after all, renegotiate your commitment.