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Public schools on the other hand are a bit more rough.

With minimal funding available, public classrooms can have anywhere from 40 to 70 students and few school supplies.

Volunteers are given the opportunity to work in soil preservation, beekeeping, reforestation as well as creating environmental awareness and teaching eco-friendly habits.

Do note, however, that although you can apply directly to specific countries in the Peace Corps now, Latin American countries tend to be more competitive.

Asuncion is the best location to find a Spanish language school.It’s truly a situation where molding young minds and broadening their future prospects is the greatest reward -- you really are making a difference.Spanish is the second most prominent language in the world and, yes, it’s time you finally learned some!IDIPAR has been recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture and also offers private lessons.Volunteers looking to protect the environment should definitely consider a gap year in Paraguay.