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The American army benefited greatly with the arrival of such inventors as Igor Sikorsky (who invented the Helicopter and Aerosan), Vladimir Yourkevitch, and Alexander Procofieff de Seversky.

S., Israel and other countries where they hoped to start a new life.

After the dissolution of Russian America (now territory part of present-day Alaska) in the mid-nineteenth century, waves of Russian immigrants fleeing religious persecution settled in the United States, including Russian Jews and Molokans.

These groups mainly settled in coastal cities, including Brooklyn (New York City) on the East coast, and Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon, on the West coast. Some Ukrainian Americans, Belarusian Americans, Russian Jewish Americans, Russian German Americans and Rusyn Americans identify as Russian Americans.

A large wave of Russians immigrated in the short time period of 1917–1922, in the wake of October Revolution and Russian Civil War.

This group is known collectively as the White emigres.

Dating russianamerica ru