Dating paperweights

This took the form of a small graphic illustration below the main mark and later, from 1938, a Roman numeral.

The early Chelsea Derby marks can be attributed to the Nottingham Road factory and date to between c1770 and c1784.

The crown and interlinked D’s are now within a circle of ROYAL CROWN DERBY – ENGLISH BONE CHINA. This mark including popular Imari pattern number 1128 and with Roman Numeral year cypher for 1982.

Derby porcelain also included a date cypher with most base marks produced at the Osmaston Road factory.

We are gazing into a mystery whose true dimensions and physical composition our senses are unable to pinpoint, a mystery sealed away in perpetuity.

You may look at it but you cannot touch it." After research comes the realization that paperweights have a rich and glorious history.